Wind Farms - Civil Scope

The civil works on a wind farm have a lot of interfaces with the expertise of BT Geoconsult. For the roads, the crane hardstands, the cables and the turbine foundations the geotechnical aspect is an important part of the design. In the course of time BT Geoconsult has become more intensively involved in the design process of numerous wind farms. In some cases this concerns mainly the geotechnical aspects, but due to our gained experience our advice increasingly covers a wider range of the project context. Due to this now we can count aspects such as stakeholder management, interfaces with the turbine contractor and requirement specification to our expertise.


For the construction of wind farms we make designs and drawings for the crane hardstands, roads, cables and turbine foundations. In this design we taken into account the requirements from different norms, but also the requirements from the turbine contractor, surroundings and stakeholders. Due to our experience and knowledge we can optimize a design in an early stage and asses which design solutions are or are not necessary.


We make requirement sets for the complete civil scope of a wind farm, which we make specific for that wind farm by taking into account the location, surroundings and turbine contractor and the resulting risks and opportunities.


For all the soil sampling and laboratory tests u can contact us. This can include an preliminary assessment of the soil, as well as the set up of the soil investigation, the execution and the interpretation of the results. This can be best done in an early stage, in this way a good estimation can be made of the necessary design solutions.


When another party finishes the design we can review this design based on the functioning norms, as well as the requirements given by the contractor. Further we will give feedback on risks or opportunities in the design based on our own experience.


If desired we can take care of the whole process from preliminary design until execution of the civil works. In this process we will supply our client with advice and necessary documentation (such as drawings, technical documents, etc.). In a tender process we take care of contact with the tenderers until the moment the choice for a constructing party is made. In the following process we review the completed designs and supervise the construction.


In the field of crane hardstands we have special expertise due to our involvement in field tests, the STOWA-norm for crane hardstands and design solutions such as (3D) geogrids, soil mixes and pile foundations.