Construction Pits & Hydraulic Structures

Besides design of subsurface structures BT Geoconsult also tends to surface and barrage structures. these may be stiff structures, sheet pile structures or weight structures. We calculate strength, stiffness and deformations of these structures in compliance with the CUR166, aided by computer software like MSheet or Plaxis. We can also take the lead in construction and assist you in the monitoring of adjacent structures or cables and pipelines near your project site.  

Sheet pile wall calculations

We design earth retaining walls like sheet pile walls, quay walls,  combination walls, construction pits and shorings build out of every possible materials like steel, wood, concrete and synthetics. Through analysis of subsurface quality and the expected loads we provide the best possible solution. We also consider bursting, watertight flooring of pits and drainage. We also design reinforced or plain underwater concrete floors or injections.  

Civil structures

During all stages of design (preliminary, final design and construction documents) we strive to be efficient and innovative. We provide the optimal solution for reinforced or plain concrete, pre-stressed concrete, under water concrete, prefab and cast onsite concrete.  

Hydraulic structures

To create a solid barrier between land and water there are several types of bed, bank and shore protection structures. BT Geoconsult is your partner for the technical design of diverse hydraulic structures. We design water floor and shore protection, quay structures and barrage structures and advice you on the possibilities.  

Deformation monitoring

By performing an elaborate surroundings analysis an insight can be obtained in possible bottlenecks arising from the surroundings. Hereby one can think of deformation of soil and adjacent structures, vibrations and lowering of ground water levels.