Foundations & Subsurface Structures

To select the foundation type that is the optimal for your project we analyze all the boundary prerequisites. Due to the large variety of foundation types, there's a perfect solution for every location. This depends on the quality of the subsurface, proximity to adjacent structures, regulations from building codes and none the least the wishes of you as our client. Based on these requirements we do our calculations and propose a foundation type to you.

Pile foundations

There are many types of foundations like cast in situ or rotary bored piles, from which a choice can be made. By doing a thorough analysis of all available information we will choose the pile foundation right for your project. With the help of MFoundation we determine the compression and tension strength. We can also determine the bedding constant of the pile.  

Raft foundations

When the subsurface of the project location exists out of stable soil layers, a raft foundation can be chosen. The design of raft foundations is verified based on the building codes, the required load and the bearing capacity of the subsurface with simplified or advanced computer models.

Drivability analysis

Is your design feasible? To determine whether a design is feasible and to determine the consequences of the chosen foundation type we do a drivability analysis.

Construction supervision

We have broad experience with onsite supervision of the construction using any type of pile foundations. We also perform second opinions as an impartial third party.