Drainage is a necessity to remove redundant precipitation and ground water from the construction site in order to provide a dry work site. BT Geoconsult will take care of your drainage design regardless whether it is open, vacuum or return drainage. Most commonly the calculations are performed with MWell, a specialized program for drainage calculations. After performing a drainage analysis we propose a feasible design. We also assess the risks of using drainage, like possible settlements near adjacent structures due to the lowered ground water level. Lowering the level of ground water may lead to settlements of the surrounding surface or damage to buildings. Based on drainage calculations, reports and field research we will also file for your permits.  

Trench drainage

For construction of sewage, cables and pipelines we determine the required drainage discharges to realize the necessary lowered level of the frenetic ground water levels. We can also visualize the effect on the environment and we design any possible construction measures, like return drainage.  

Deep well drainage

The design of deep wells is such that a safe work environment has to be guaranteed in the construction pit. To e.g. avoid the lift of construction pit floor, the water pressure in the aquifer needs to be lowered.


Based on prevailing codes we file the permits necessary during construction for water drainage, withdrawal and discharge. Beforehand we determine the water quality and quantity through onsite research and drainage analysis.  

Environmental effects

The effects of lowered ground water levels on the surroundings and the expected settlements are determined for the whole period during which drainage is needed. Based on the type of drainage and the quality of adjacent structures we determine whether the expected effects are acceptable.