In 1997 we originated from Adviesbureau J. de Koster, which had a relation with real estate agents, insurers, contractors, utility companies, project developers and government agencies. Mr. J. de Koster sr. have been involved as an advisor in a lot of large projects in the Netherlands.

Since 1998 mr. J. de Koster sr. transferred the company to his son J. de Koster Jr. and Gerbrand van Brussel M.Sc. From this moment on, the company operated as Ingenieursbureau De Koster & Van Brussel.  In 1999 ir. H.E.M. Temmink entered the engineering company as a partner.

In 2000 mr. J. de Koster left the engineering company and started to operate solo. Due to this change the name of the company is changed to Ingenieursbureau BT Geoconsult B.V. In 2007 mr. H.E.M. Temmink left BT Geoconsult to engage in consultancy work in related disciplines.

In 2008 ir. J.F. Joosse entered BT Geoconsult as a partner. Eversince, he is responsible for technical matters and mr. Van Brussel is responsible for financial matters.