Master-thesis subject "Settlements of crane hardstand"

The weight and height of onshore wind turbines has increased significantly the last years. As a consequence higher and heavier cranes are needed in order to build and maintain the turbines. This leads to challenges in the design of crane hardstands because of the larger needed space and very high loads that have to be distributed to the subsurface. In current practice the need for validation of the design of crane hardstands with shallow foundations has emerged in order to gain more knowledge of the safety and modelling the expected settlements as a result of the crane loads. In order to answer these questions full scale tests are of essential importance. Meanwhile a number of full scale tests are in execution or preparation.

The set-up of a model/approach assessing the settlements of crane hardstands, among other trough analysis of the results of full scale tests.
The scope can contain:
• The set-up of a approach assessing the (differential)settlements following the crane loads and formulating settlement requirements for crane hardstands;
• Predicting the results of full scale tests prior to the test, using FEM-calculations;
• Adapt and analyse results of the full scale tests;
• Making a back-analysis of executed full scale tests using FEM-calculations and make a comparison between the results and test results.

Organisation: BT Geoconsult BV
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• The possibility to gain relevant experience besides your master-thesis.

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