Pipeline Systems & Trenches Techniques

For efficient construction of subsurface infrastructure it is a necessity to find an equilibrium between soil and pipes. During construction the subsurface is the largest risk factor. Knowledge and experience with the subsurface limits the risks, which can results in lower construction and maintenance costs.  During the design phase the risks can be already assessed. In this manner unforeseen problems during construction can be minimized. BT Geoconsult has broad experience with HDD and open and closed front techniques, as well as with open trench construction. we supervise your project from the early soil sampling through the design phase until construction. All our work is in compliance with the NEN 3650, 3651 and 3659 series.  

Pipeline strength calculations and assessment

The configuration of new or existing pipelines will be assessed based on as-built documents. The influence of future loads and settlements below the pipeline due to infrastructure and structures above is calculated and analyzed. Both the material tensions and deformations are analyzed. Depending on the project specific situation we use elaborate or simplified strength calculations models for a sound analysis. Plea, circular ;ads and plasticity analysis for steel, concrete, wood and synthetic pipelines also belong to the scope of our expertise.  

Earth removal and explosion crater calculations

Based on state of the art research and prevailing codes we visualize the consequences of pipeline breakage. BT Geoconsult evaluates whether the influence on barrages and roads is acceptable or whether measures need toe taken. If desired we can perform advanced stability calculations for this analysis.  

Horizontal directional drilling

The design of horizontal directional drilling will be as detailed as required for your project. Therefore we analyze the maximum allowed and minimal required mud pressures for you. Tensions and deformations are also evaluated and a prognosis of the pulling forces is made. The crossing will be designed, calculated and professionally  supervised during construction. Engineering of pipe bundles with place holders is also a option.  

Open and closed front technique

The whole scope of work of open and closed front drilling including entry and exit pits will be engineered. Analysis of minimal required and maximal allowed bore speed balance are also part of the engineering, as well as the analysis of the settlement trough and possible construction monitoring.