Windfarm Nieuwe Hemweg

Preliminary design, tendering and technical support for realization of civil works

Windfarm Nieuwe Hemweg consists of 6 new wind turbines next to the road with the same name in Amsterdam Westhaven industrial area. ProRail’s railway yard is located close to these turbines at varying distances. There are also construction plans for the expansion of this railway yard. In addition to the construction of the wind turbines, new infrastructure has been built to enable the construction and maintenance of the wind turbines. Characteristic for this project was the close cooperation and detailed coordination with the development team for the expansion of the railway yard. Coordination took place both in terms of planning as the design details of the wind farm infrastructure.

BT Geoconsult worked out the park layout for this project, demonstrating the usefulness and necessity of permanent and temporary infrastructure. In addition, the feasibility designs for the roads to be constructed, a HDD for the cable infrastructure, the foundations of the crane stands and the concrete paving foundations of the wind turbines were provided. BT Geoconsult also investigated the impact of the construction of the windfarm on the existing and future railway yard. Partly on the basis of the aforementioned preparations, the tender documents were drawn up and BT Geoconsult provided the civil engineering input for the tendering of these works. In the realization phase, BT Geoconsult is responsible for assessing and supervising the civil engineering designs developed by the contractor. For the various notarial commitments and cooperation agreements with various stakeholders, the drawing work was provided by BT Geoconsult, including cadastral boundaries, easements to be established and building rights.

Windfarm Nieuwe Hemweg Windfarm Nieuwe Hemweg Windfarm Nieuwe Hemweg