Field tests crane stands

Windfarm Wieringermeer

A total of 82 new wind turbines will be installed for the Wieringermeer windfarm. Full scale field tests have been performed at 2 locations to verify the existing knowledge and to extend the knowledge on the behavior of these steel-based crane stands, equipped with geogrids. BT Geoconsult, in the role of geotechnical consultant, prepared and supervised these tests and interpreted the results.

Both a foundation with stratum and a foundation with horizontal geogrids have been tested on a realistic scale in order to use the results of the test to better match the design methods to the actual behavior. This extensive full-scale test set-up is a joint initiative of BT Geoconsult, Vattenfall and Tensar International. The test was performed with the cooperation of the Barneveldse Kraanverhuur (transport and lifting loads), Geosonda (soil investigation and measurements) and contractor Van Gelder (construction site and facilities).

A total of four different load cases were tested in four test days at two different locations. The loads - applied in the form of counterweights from cranes deployed on the windfarm - were placed on wooden bulkheads and/or steel valves. With each load increase, or 10 minutes elapsed time, the subsidence of the load and the foundation was measured.

The measurement results were analyzed in detail using FEM models, to verify the design principles and examine whether they can be optimized.

Field tests crane stands Field tests crane stands Field tests crane stands