District heating “Leiding over Noord”

Construction of district heating pipes Rotterdam

Eneco has constructed a new heat transport network north of Rotterdam, consisting of an underground pipeline route of 16,8 kilometers.

The heat originates from the incineration of waste in the waste and energy power plant of AVR in Rozenburg. Here, water is heated to 100-120 °C after which it is transported by Pipeline through North. This water will heat Rotterdam’s existing district heating network. In the future, Pipeline through North will also supply heat to new networks in Vlaardingen and Schiedam.

The pipeline route consists of a supply and return pipeline. The diameter of the pipeline is 700 mm (inside) and 900 mm (outside). The material used is steel PUR-PE and the pipeline is equipped with leak detection monitoring. In addition to the field sections, this route includes 6 HDDs and 42 shield drillings.

Commissioned by Eneco, BT Geoconsult B.V. supervised the execution of all the drillings. The drilling plans drawn up by the contractor were checked by BTG against the current standards and the available permits. Also, supervision was performed during execution.

District heating “Leiding over Noord” District heating “Leiding over Noord” District heating “Leiding over Noord”