Quay construction Hooigracht in The Hague

Replacing of quay wall

BT Geoconsult worked with Ingenieursbureau Den Haag on the design for a new quay construction on the Hooigracht in The Hague. As part of the “multi-annual program constructions 2018-2020”, the old quay wall will be replaced by a new one.

Calculations have been performed in D-Sheet Piling and the impact on the buildings on the Hooigracht has been estimated using PLAXIS 2D. In addition, the consequences of the required drainage for the surrounding area were estimated by means of a settlement analysis. In collaboration with Ingenieursbureau Den Haag, a construction phase has been drawn up in which the nearby houses are influenced as little as possible, without losing the practical feasibility out of sight. Due to the proximity of the houses to the quay (locally less than 5 meters), it is a challenge to find a solution that meets the strict requirements.

The result is a design consisting of anchored sheet piles. BT Geoconsult has also drawn up a monitoring advice to monitor deformations and to intervene in case of unexpected subsidence and/or deformations. All in all, a versatile project in which many aspects had to be considered in the design and construction phase of the project. The consultants at Ingenieursbureau Den Haag and our own engineers were challenged to come up with the best solution.

Quay construction Hooigracht in The Hague Quay construction Hooigracht in The Hague