Transport dredging vessel Orion

Design temporary carriageway in Suriname

For the heavy transport of the vessel Orion of Royal Boskalis Westminster NV, a temporary carriageway with a length of approximately 1200 m had to be constructed. The ship was transported using a Mammoet transport vehicle. For the transport to run smoothly, a temporary carriageway was needed for the heavy transport. This temporary carriageway had to be connected to the existing road from the bank of the Suriname River.

MNO Vervat B.V. commissioned BT Geoconsult B.V. to advise on determining the load-bearing capacity of the temporary carriageway. To determine whether the temporary carriageway could bear the weight of the transport, the maximum load-bearing capacity of the (soft) subsoil was determined. Based on this, a design was made for the temporary carriageway. Based on the research results, a temporary supply route was constructed, and the transport has been completed.

Transport dredging vessel Orion Transport dredging vessel Orion Transport dredging vessel Orion