Development Kop Weespertrekvaart

Settlement analysis and quay wall design

The former Overamstel industrial estate in Amsterdam is being redeveloped into a residential area. A subarea within this project is the Kop Weespertrekvaart. This area has been prepared for the new residential function and a small harbor has been realized. BT Geoconsult B.V. has performed various analysis regarding the preparation for construction and has drawn up the final design of the quay wall of the harbor.

Due to the construction of houses close to the harbor, it was not possible to anchor the quay wall with long anchors (e.g. grout anchors). Therefore, a cofferdam construction was designed, consisting of two rows of sheet piles standing behind each other, connected by two rows of anchor rods. Using finite element calculations in PLAXIS 2D an optimal design with light and short sheet piles was created. The future location of cables and pipelines along the quay wall is considered as well during the design process.

In addition, BT Geoconsult performed various geotechnical analyses for the purpose of preparing the site for construction. From these analyses the required preload has been determined and lightweight structures have been designed at locations where preloading was not applicable.

Development Kop Weespertrekvaart Development Kop Weespertrekvaart Development Kop Weespertrekvaart