Vibration analysis of road foundations

Reconstruction Spaarne - Turfmarkt in Haarlem

The Haarlem municipality intends to perform reconstruction work on the road section on the Turfmarkt and the Spaarne. The reconstruction will take place from the Melkbrug (“Milk Bridge”) on the Binnen Spaarne to the Lange Brug (“Long Bridge”) just in front of the Zuider Buiten Spaarne.

BT Geoconsult B.V. has been commissioned by the Haarlem municipality to advise on whether or not to replace the existing road foundation. In order to assess the usability of the existing foundation layer, falling weight deflection measurements and a vibration analysis were performed.

The falling weight deflection measurements are used to determine the specific properties of the foundation layer to check whether or not these comply with the applicable guidelines. Based on the vibration analysis, it can be determined whether or not the existing foundation layer causes vibrations and which specific locations are responsible for these vibrations.

For this purpose, 6 core drillings up to a depth of 1,0 m below ground level and falling weight deflection measurements were performed at 55 locations to determine the foundation structure and the stiffness of the existing pavement structure.

In addition, vibration measurements were performed at various buildings, both indoors and outdoors, to determine the degree of vibration intensity and problem locations.

Vibration analysis of road foundations Vibration analysis of road foundations Vibration analysis of road foundations