Relocation Station Bleiswijk

Expansion of the 150 kV station Bleiswijk

Because the relocation and expansion of the 150 kV station Bleiswijk in Zoetermeer TenneT and Joulz have developed a new 150 kV and 23 kV connection. The majority of the connection was constructed with HDD’s because the future embankment of the Oosterheem railway has to be developed directly above the cables. The expected settlements from the embankment are not acceptable to the high voltage cables, therefore they cannot be constructed using an open trench.
The scope of the project is 8 HDD’s varying in length from 600 m to 900 m and some open trench. During the design phase the embankment of the Oosterheem railway, the existing dikes, other HDD’s, future pile foundations and roads / railroads have been taken into account.

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To determine the drivability directly next to the cable pipes and the influence of the pile driving on the behavior of the cable The pipes and high voltage cable specialized analysis were made with the help of computer program Plaxis. The other parts of the connection were constructed using open trench technique and a wet pile sheet wall with a sag pipe near the HSL. The latter to prevent the bursting of the deeper located trench floor and salt water seepage. Besides the design BT Geoconsult also handled the contract documents and drawings, tender supervision, and advised on claims concerning additional work.





Relocation Station Bleiswijk Relocation Station Bleiswijk Relocation Station Bleiswijk Relocation Station Bleiswijk