Routing Engineering and Research

From A to B. We will find the best routing option for you. To accomplish this BT Geoconsult researches several routing options, their possibilities and limitations. We make an inventory of ownership data, topographic information and existing cables and pipelines. We determine necessary onsite and laboratory geotechnical research. Based on our technical expertise and experience BT Geoconsult develops several routing options based on this information. In consultation with you we will make a well considered choice to secure the optimal routing and after designing the routing we will file for the necessary permits.

Routing studies

In consultation with you we formulate the boundary prerequisites and testing criteria. Based on this we analyze one or more routing options in the specified areas. We include the cable,  pipeline and topographic information, existing infrastructure and ownership data. Geotechnical quick-scans and proposals for subsurface parameters can also be performed.  

Soil sampling and laboratory tests

By means of insitu tests and soil sampling we determine the structure of the soil layer at your project location. Prior to the site specific soil sampling we provide you with a general prospect from our databases.

Preconstruction reporting

BT Geoconsult tends to your pre-construction and repeat measurements of your projects for both the routing as well as for adjacent structures. This could be a photographic report or deformation and vibration measurements. The reports can be filed for legal substantiating.  


Not only will you save yourself precious time by having us take care of your permits, you will also prevent unnecessary risks and delays. We do a preliminary scan of required permits and permissions. Based on this quick scan you will have an insight into the critical areas of your project schedule. In this way we are your surroundings and permit manager.