Settlements & Slope Stability

During the construction of earth work projects slope stability and settlements are of influence to the project. Due to unstable slopes instability or settlements may occur. We advice you on which settlements are expected and what type of precautions should be taken to optimize your construction plans and budget. With this in mind we analyze the slope stability and settlements without losing sight of the influence of the project on the surroundings. During construction we can also assist you with monitoring of occurring settlements and water pressures.

Settlement analysis

For the constructions of earth works and embankments settlements analysis are performed. hereby we are in compliance with the strict surplus settlement requirements for rail and road structures. These analysis are done with computer software like MSettle or Plaxis. These analysis's concern amongst others the preparation of construction sites.

Horizontal soil deformation

Analysis of horizontal soil deformation is of importance to the influence on the surroundings.We advice you on construction phasing for e.g. abutments or foundations.  

Stability analysis

We determine the critical stability mechanisms for earth works, embankments, dikes and slopes keeping in mind the corresponding safety factors in compliance with current codes.  


During the construction of embankments, the settlements to the surface and the water pressures are measured in the compressible soil layers with the aid of settlement rods and water pressure meters. Based on these numbers we verify and monitor the settlement analysis and embankments schedule. Therefore a more accurate settlement prognosis and a safer embankment phasing are possible.

Surroundings influence

Through a thorough surroundings analysis we obtain insight into potential bottlenecks that may arise like deformation of adjacent structures, vibrations or lowering of the ground water level.

Equilibrium and lightweight structures

In settlement prone areas equilibrium structures, made of EPS or foam concrete, may provide a solution. the decision to use an equilibrium structure is carefully considered to comply with existing codes.